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About The Practice


Parisma Counseling Services, LLC is a Private Practice in Milwaukee County, nestled in the city of Wauwatosa.  It is just a few miles away from surrounding communities including; Milwaukee, West Allis, Brown Deer and Brookfield, that offers in person and online counseling services to a diverse community. Parisma Counseling Services was created with the mind frame of providing genuine, passionate, "real-deal" support and care in the community from the first encounter to the end of services and beyond. Parisma's name evolved from the root word prism. A prism can display a spectrum of colors and still appear differently to each viewer depending on the angle you’re holding it, the angle the light is reflecting onto it, the position you’re standing in, and depending on the way you interpret what you’re seeing.  This is similar to our lives and how it appears differently through our lenses. Depending on the mood, the reflection, the position you’re in, and your interpretation of who you are can be a spectrum of differences.  

"Life is like a prism. What you see depends on how you turn the glass"-Jonathan Kellerman


Parisma Counseling Services mission is to provide therapeutic services, guidance, and clarity to individuals striving to enhance their overall mental health and well-being through counseling by promoting individuals’ growth and recognizing their strengths beyond life’s challenges and transitions.


An opportunity for self-fulfillment, growth, and clarity while offering professional therapeutic services, guidance, and structure, has proven to be beneficial for client transformation.  Having a quality of life is essential to one’s physical and mental health and their well-being.  We want all individuals to recognize how to manage and enhance their mental health and identify their support systems.  We believe that individuals living with mental health and barriers to a quality of life can reach their maximum levels of independence and goals with appropriate interventions, therapy coping skills utilizations and support.

Core Values

  • Trust: Earning and respecting our clients trust is a top priority, which is why services are always confidential and tailored to fit the needs of the individual

  • Hope: We're here to empower you. No matter what you are facing, there is always hope

  • Empathy: We understand YOU!

  • Culturally Competent: We value diversity, equity, and inclusion of all, throughout the community

  • Integrity: We will remain true to our mission by being honest, transparent, and ethical in all instances

  • Inspirational: Creative, spiritual, righteous, and open-minded

  • Expertise: We are always evolving and seeking skill development to implement the best practices and provide clients with evidence-based therapeutic services

  • Community Engagement: We strive to support under-served communities, stay committed, and maintain self-awareness

  • Humor: Hold space for laughter, even when things are challenging and uncomfortable

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